Monthly Ad-free ADSBexchange Subscription

Monthly Ad-free ADSBexchange Subscription

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(Annual Subscription option available here)

For $2.99/mo, you'll enjoy an ad-free experience (and premium map layers) when you access the Global Map while supporting our mission of transparent flight tracking. You can also choose to increase your support for open and unfiltered flight tracking.

Get all the great features of the Global map without the banner ads:

  • Premium map layers (including satellite)
  • Detailed Aircraft Information
  • Detailed ADS-B data
  • Aircraft Ownership information
  • MLAT
  • Military, commercial, and private aircraft.
  • No filtering or blocking
  • Replay Feature
  • History function on the map going back to March 2020
  • Weather radar (US, Germany)
  • Aeronautical Charts and Layers
  • US-based
  • Made for aircraft tracking enthusiasts by aircraft tracking enthusiasts!
  • does not associate itself with authoritarian regimes nor is it intimidated by powerful individuals or entities that attempt to suppress its mission of providing open and unfiltered flight tracking.

If you are a feeder, we of course welcome your financial support as well, however as a thank you to our data feeders, visit, and click on "ad-free map" under "Feeder Status" to activate your ad-free subscription - no registration or account needed.